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On my (almost) two year anniversary in private practice. . . .

As I sit here to write this, I am filled with a sense of open-hearted awe and wonder. Approaching almost two years in private practice, my reflections move more frequently towards humanity and the beautiful plethora of uniqueness that exists within and between us all.

The strength and heart it takes for people to enter in to therapeutic alliance, with a person they do not know, to share their deepest truths, often painful, emotive experiences, never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Beginning therapy, individuals might have a sense of needing someone/something to witness, hear and support them through challenging aspects of their lives. They might credit their therapist with being ‘the one that helped them’ or ‘got them through.’ And yes, the therapeutic alliance can feel like this, for sure.

It is so important for me however, to honour and acknowledge the incredible depth of courage required for people to seek such support in the first place, to decide to embark upon a journey of inner work and to ‘show up’ for themselves time and time again.

Such work and effort can be challenging, confronting, difficult to navigate, whilst at the same time, open space for liberation, authenticity and awareness. It is an ‘inside job’, one where people take individual responsibility for themselves, their patterns, processes and inner lives.

The therapeutic journey is unique; different for each person that embarks upon it. One thing I am certain of though, is the deep respect I have for the process that unfolds, in all its varying ways, in and out of the therapy room.

So, as my two-year anniversary beckons, just around the corner and I sit here, writing this, on a rainy Sunday morning, my heart is full; alive with what has passed and what yet may come………..

Forever grateful.

Deeply privileged.

J x

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