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How do you know what you need?

“What do you need?”

“Errrr, sorry?”

“What do you need?” 

“Uh, I don’t know.”  “Haven’t a clue.”


The above is commonplace, particularly in the contemporary world we now live. Between working, managing homes, families, life in general, how on earth are you supposed to know what you need?  Do you even have time to consider it, let alone do it?  The fact that nobody has never really asked (and you certainly haven’t asked yourself), means that often, you can feel stumped by what sounds like a pretty simple question.


Amidst committing fully to honourable (often essential) pursuits, such as creating financial income, caring for family, chores, duties, responsibilities etc, your needs lie at the bottom of a long list.  Maybe you’re not even on the list at all.

What happens when you forget yourself?  When did your life become like this?  Do you remember? 


So, what do you do?  You can ask.  You can consider yourself important enough to be asked.  A simple question – what do I need?  And when you ask, you offer space for a response.  It might not come at once.  You listen, acutely.  What is your body telling you?  What does it need for you?


Last night, as I lay in bed, gifting myself time to tune in to me, a strong sense arose.  If this sense could speak, it would say, “Julie, inhale deeply and exhale slowly – super slowly.”  As I leaned into this more, an image of trees and woodland appeared.  I felt my body soften as I pictured sitting outside somewhere quietly, alone in the stillness. It felt good; warm and nurturing.  Ah, I nodded. My body is letting me know what it needs.


Yours can do that too, if you ask it.



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