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I’m a person, like you, navigating my way through the trials and tribulations that accompany the human experience.  Life involves periods of pain, joy, sadness, happiness, anxiety, peace, struggle
and ease.  Such emotions and ways of being are common states of humanness.  
A fan of things that bring me joy, I experience pleasure from connectedness in various forms and thoroughly enjoy time in nature, mindful walking/hiking, oceans, forests, beaches - anywhere outside where I can breathe in the openness and wonder of life in its purest form.  Music is one of my greatest passions; something that can empower, enable, emote and encourage our wellbeing.
I have dedicated my life to supporting others in times of need in various ways - ranging from teaching, lecturing, coaching, counselling, working with victims of crime and those affected by issues such as homelessness, ill health and disease.  I thoroughly enjoy working with a diverse range of individuals
and am wholeheartedly committed to establishing comfort and connection with those with whom I work.

About Me: About Me
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