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A person centred counsellor, based in Lancashire

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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just
as I am, then I can change."

Carl Rogers

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I have dedicated my life to supporting others in times of need in various ways - ranging from teaching, lecturing, coaching, counselling, working with victims of crime and those affected by issues such as homelessness, ill health and disease.
I thoroughly enjoy working with a diverse range of individuals and am wholeheartedly committed to establishing comfort and connection with those with whom I work.

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BA Hons, Dip Counselling, MBACP

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There are many reasons why we might consider counselling.  Perhaps you’re feeling stressed?  Tired of over thinking and over analysing everything in your life?  Your mind just won’t stop racing and you’re exhausted by the rapid stream of never-ending thoughts?  You worry whether you have made the right choices? You’re stuck in a cycle of doing the same things all the time and you’re just not happy with it?  You feel fearful, frightened, ill at ease? There’s guilt, shame, sadness, emptiness or anger?  Maybe you don’t feel anything at all?

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As a person-centred therapist - my primary focus is to provide a natural, nurturing, safe space where
you feel comfortable and at ease.  

Informal yet professional, the space is there for you to relax, unwind and take things at your own pace.  Our working relationship is one in which I respect you as a human in the world; your autonomy, your experiences, your approach and your essence.

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Initial Consultation

A 20-minute chat where we can decide what support I am able to offer and how you would like to proceed with our therapeutic relationship.


1 hour Counselling Session

1 hour online talking therapy session at a time convenient to you.

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"Before I came to see Julie, my anxiety was so bad that I couldn't even leave the house.  I didn't want to go to my first session because I really thought I wouldn't be able to actually speak at all.  I was so glad that I did.  Julie made me feel relaxed and at ease straight away and I shocked myself by being able to tell her exactly how I was feeling, even in that first session.  It has been so good to say things to someone that I have never said to anyone else and to be met with understanding every time."

"I was suffering with acute depression and significant anxiety.  I didn't think anyone could help me.  I thought I was too far gone.  I was embarrassed about going for counselling, I thought it meant I was weak, but I went anyway because I was in the darkest place I'd ever been in.  I worked with Julie and started to understand myself and the things that had happened to me that had made me feel the way I did.  It was so refreshing to know that there wasn't some fault in me and there were reasons to explain why I was the way I was.  I got to know myself and I learned a whole lot about stuff that I didn't know I didn't know. It helped so much."

It was so great working with Julie.  She is so easy to talk to; you find yourself telling her all kinds that you didn't even know you wanted to say! I felt like she really understood what I was going through and that in itself was a huge part of the problems in my life anyway - that no one seemed to understand.  I got so much from counselling.  I loved it.


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